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Optometrist Sea Point

Vision Care

Complete eye Examinations

A comprehensive assessment of your visual and refractive system including a review of ocular health.

Contact lens examination and wearer training

This examination first assesses tolerance and visual acuity.  An optometrist will then fit various visually corrected contact lenses on the eye to assess suitability.

Driver’s Licence Screenings

These screenings are done by our team of Optometrists to assess the visual requirements as laid down by the Department of Transport.

Glaucoma Screenings

Our team of Optometrists can perform this screening to assess the Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) and health of the eye.

Retinal/Fundus checks

This screening is dedicated to looking at the back of the eye.  This is the only area inside the human body visible to healthcare professionals without the need for surgery.

Cataract checks

Our Optometrists with the aid of Opthalmoscopes or Slit-Lamps are able to view the anterior segment which includes the lens of the eye.

Visual screening for competency certificates

Our Optometrists are able to assist in completing all visual requirements for forklift permits, boating/skippers’ licences as well as aviation visual competencies.

Dry Eye Management

Dry eyes are multifactorial and include disease of the tears and ocular surfaces which often result in discomfort and visual disturbances.

Optometrist Sea point

Eyewear Products

Contact Lenses

Contact lens solution

Eye Drops/Lubricants/Wipes

Optical Frame Brands

Spectacle Lenses

Lens coatings

Lens cleaners

Ready Made Readers



Our Team


Mark Tonkil


Mark started his optometric journey at the young age of 13 while working weekends and school holidays at his father’s practice in Parow. 

Bronwen Tonkil


Bronwen has always had a passion for fashion and began her studies with the intention of going into the clothing industry. 

Robert Cohen


Robert is a born and bred Sea Pointer.  He first did a B Social Science degree majoring in Economics before realizing his passion lay in the world of Optometry.

Letitia Lamprecht


Letitia joined Tonkil Optometrists straight out of university in 2011 and has worked for them ever since in their Parow branch.